​General Podiatry

Mornington Foot Clinic attends to all aspects of general podiatric practice including:

  • Management of toenails - including fungal or thickened nails.

  • Removal of callus and corns

  • Treatment of plantar warts

  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions and sweat disorders affecting the feet


Orthotic therapy helps improve general foot function and posture. They can be used to treat injuries to the feet, ankles, knees and hips. The type of orthotic and materials used is based on detailed assessment findings. Age, injury type, location of pain, and severity of foot posture are all factors that influence orthotic design and application.

*** We now offer the latest in 3D scanning and orthotic design. ***

Sports Injuries

It is common for athletes to experience injury or pain to their legs or feet at some point during active periods. At Mornington Foot Clinic a thorough assessment will be conducted to determine the cause, treatment and future prevention of your injury. Podiatrists at Mornington Foot Clinic have extensive knowledge and experience with the treatment of sports related foot injuries and the rehabilitation process.

Surgical Podiatry

Ingrown toenails can be particularly painful and will often become infected if left untreated. For persistent ingrowing nails, our podiatrists will assess whether permanent removal of the side of the problematic nail is necessary. This procedure can be performed in-clinic under sterile conditions and facilitated by the use of local anaesthetic.

Children's Feet

Growing feet can be susceptible to different problems and injuries when compared with adult feet. Toe walking, in-toeing, out-toeing and severely collapsed arches are some of the common developmental foot problems that can be assessed and treated or monitored. This can affect lower limb alignment, pelvic and spine positioning.


It is important for people living with diabetes to see a podiatrist for regular routine foot care and annual diabetes foot risk assessment. Diabetes can affect the nerves and blood supply to the feet, making the risk of ulceration and infection significantly higher. Regular podiatry and assessment helps early detection of neuropathy (nerve damage) and blood flow changes which can prevent further foot complications. 

Dancers/Pre-pointe assessment

All of our podiatrists are trained in the assessment/management of dancing related injury and pre-pointe assessments. Marie Butler is a qualified ballet teacher and  has been past consultant to the Australian Ballet. She has lectured on the dancers foot to ballet teachers, students, podiatrists and physiotherapists. We can help reduce the chance of injury whilst preparing and performing en pointe.

​Imaging/Pathology requests

Our podiatrist are able to refer for xray, ultrasound and pathology to assist in accurate diagnosis of your problem. We can also refer for more advanced imaging including MRI, CT and bone scan where required.

​Gait/Running Assessments

The stress going through the runners feet and lower limbs can often lead to injury and pain. Our podiatrists are experienced with the assessment and treatments available to help speed return to sport and activity. Our clinic has the latest in video/ipad gait analysis to help guide treatment and technique changes.

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